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Iran: Pastor Irani develops blood infection as health deteriorates sharply.

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Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has learned that Pastor Benham Irani, currently held in Ghezal Hesar prison in Iran, has developed a blood infection as a result of an ongoing intestinal complication. As his health continues to deteriorate sharply, he is reportedly barely able to speak.

Sources close to CSW report that Pastor Irani may be sent to a hospital for surgery to remove the part of his intestine which is the source of the infection. However, his family has not been informed about possible surgery or whether or not he has been sent to hospital.

Benham Irani pastors the Church of Iran congregation in Karaj. He was arrested in December 2006, and sentenced to six years imprisonment on charges of “action against the state” and “action against the order.” The verdict against him includes text that describes Pastor Irani as an apostate and reiterates that apostates “can be killed”. Furthermore, prison authorities and fellow prisoners have informed him on various occasions that he will not leave the prison “alive”.

Pastor Irani has so far been denied hospital treatment for severe bleeding due to stomach ulcers and complications with his colon, which caused him to lose consciousness at one point. Without adequate medical care, his condition has continued to worsen, prompting concerns that he may have only weeks or months to live.

During the first few months of his imprisonment in Ghezel Hesar Prison, the pastor was held incommunicado in a small cell, where guards would repeatedly wake him from sleep as a form of psychological torture. He was moved into a cramped room where inmates could not lie down to sleep, before being transferred to his current cell, where he sustained regular beatings from his cell mates and prison authorities. As a result of injuries sustained during these assaults, he has difficulty walking. The pastor also has trouble with his vision and has received death threats from fellow prisoners.

CSW’s Advocacy Director Andrew Johnston said, “CSW is deeply concerned for Pastor Irani’s welfare. We continue to urge the Iranian authorities to allow Pastor Irani access to appropriate medical treatment. Reports of his possible hospital admission, if true, are welcome and long overdue, as the delay in his treatment has undoubtedly caused his health to deteriorate sharply. It is also vital that Pastor Irani is protected from fellow prisoners who have threatened his life. CSW continues to call on the Iranian government to honour its obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and facilitate the unconditional release of Pastor Irani, Pastor Nadarkhani, Pastor Farshid Fathi Malayeri and all others currently detained or facing execution on account of their faith following flawed judicial processes.”

For further information or to arrange interviews please contact Kiri Kankhwende, Press Officer at Christian Solidarity Worldwide on +44 (0)20 8329 0045 / +44 (0) 78 2332 9663, email kiri@csw.org.uk or visit http://www.csw.org.uk.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) is a Christian organisation working for religious freedom through advocacy and human rights, in the pursuit of justice.


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Iran: Pastor Nadarkhani speaks to wife as lawyers seek confirmation of execution order 24/02/2012


CSW’s contacts report that Pastor Nadarkhani was in contact with his wife this week, although his lawyers are still seeking written confirmation of a report that the order for his execution has been issued. CSW continues to call for urgent prayer and action on his behalf.

Pastor Nadarkhani’s lawyers still awaiting confirmation of execution order

CSW has learned that Pastor Nadarkhani spoke to his wife as recently as yesterday, although his lawyers and the Church of Iran leadership are still seeking clarification and written confirmation of a report that the order for execution has been issued.

Mr Sadegh Larijani, Head of the Iranian Judiciary could stop execution

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has not made a decision on Pastor Nadarkhani’s death sentence for apostasy, despite two appeals for him to so from the lower court in Rasht, which originally heard Nadarkhani’s case. He and Mr Sadegh Larijani, the Head of the Iranian Judiciary, are the only people with the authority to stop the execution, but without their intervention the authorities are obliged to carry out the Supreme Court ruling, which stated that Pastor Nadarkhani could be executed if he did not recant.

Pastor Nadarkhani has been offered freedom in exchange for renouncing his faith on at least four occasions, but has consistently refused to do so.

CSW continues calls for Pastor Nadarkhani’s release

According to Iranian law, once the execution order is officially confirmed, Pastor Nadarkhani’s lawyers would have a final opportunity to stop the execution if notified in time. However, it is not uncommon for the Iranian authorities to execute a prisoner without notification. In 1990, Pastor Hossein Soodmand was executed without notification.

CSW’s Advocacy Director Andrew Johnston said, “In sentencing Pastor Nadarkhani to death for apostasy, Iran has so far flouted its own law and the principles of the international covenants to which it is signatory. We therefore have no confidence that the Iranian authorities will follow due process and notify his family and legal team if a decision to execute him has indeed been taken. We urge the international community to press the Iranian authorities for the release of Pastor Nadarkhani and to urge them to follow their own laws with regards to guaranteeing freedom of religion for Christians and other minorities in Iran.”

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Learning of the imminent threat of execution, CSW is mobilising worldwide prayer on behalf of Pastor Nadarkhani –you can join CSW’s facebook group in support of Pastor Nadarkhani and receive the latest prayer and action updates.

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Your voice could help to save Pastor Nadarkhani’s life: Email Iran’s Chief Justice Mr Sadegh Larijani today!

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Take action – Christian Solidarity Worldwide

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Pastor Nadarkhani’s lawyer is trying to confirm reports that the Iranian authorities have decided to execute the pastor. There are grave concerns that the death sentence could be carried out at any time without prior notification and that the authorities will merely announce it later, a practice that is not uncommon in Iran.

Take action – Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Your voice could help to save Pastor Nadarkhani’s life:
Email Mr Sadegh Larijani today!

Mr Sadegh Larijani, is the Chief Justice of Iran.

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Iran: The latest update on pastor Yousef Nadarkhani’s death sentence in an interview with his attorney

ICC Note:

Mohabat News interviews Abbas Salmanpour, an attorney for Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani who remains in prison and was given the death sentence for apostasy.

11/2/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – In this article you’ll read an interview with Abbas Salmanpour, one of the attorneys of Yousef Nadarkhani, conducted by Mohabat News in which he describes Nadarkhani’s current situation.

A reporter from the Iranian Christian News Agency, Mohabat News interviewed one of the attorneys of Yousef Nadarkhani by telephone and asked him about the latest developments on Nadarkhani’s case.

Mohabat News: Please inform us about the status of Nadarkhani’s case at the moment?

Abbas Salmanpour: I should say that the case must be referred to the high court again.

MN: You mean the case will be sent back to the high court?

AS: Look, if the local court announces the second verdict and if we appeal, the case would be sent to the high court.

MN: How is Nadarkhani’s situation in the prison right now? Is he allowed to visit and/or call his family?

AS: Yes, as far as I know he has no problem in this regard. I mean, I asked him about this and fortunately he is in a good situation in prison. He is not under pressure or other such problems. The related branch of the court allows his family to visit him as much as possible. Fortunately there is no problem in this matter.

MN: Five of the Marja-e-Taghlids (literally meaning a source of guidance and reference) rejected the accusation of apostasy against Nadarkhani and now his case has been referred to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei. If he confirms the apostasy verdict for Nadarkhani, what would happen to his case?

AS: The disagreement between lawyers and judges in this case is whether Nadarkhani meets the conditions to be called an apostate or not. The Marja-e-Taghlids do not reject an apostasy accusation in principle. Generally, they support such kind of accusation. But the discussion is whether Nadarkhani’s activities would make him an apostate or not. If according to the facts of his case they recognize him as an apostate then according to the Islamic principles the apostasy penalty would be announced for him. And if not, he would not be treated as an apostate. The major problem is about this issue.

As you asked about the referral of his case to the office of the Supreme Leader, according to our leadership system, if the Supreme Leader decides on something, basically that decision should be implemented.

MN: Would the decision of the leader have more credibility than the other five Marja-e-Taghlid?

AS: Since he is the Supreme Leader, according to the constitution, he is in a higher position than the other five. The Marja-e-Taghlids would make their comments but the Supreme Leader has the right to issue a final verdict. Such verdicts are binding. I think and I’m quite sure that the judges would implement this final verdict.

MN: During recent months or even years, a large number of Christians were arrested and imprisoned by the security authorities. Even now some Christian converts are being held in prison. In your opinion, why has the accusation of apostasy only been mentioned in Nadarkhani’s case?

AS: What has made this case more sensitive is that it’s believed that Nadarkhani has undertaken some actions to spread his beliefs. I mean the accusations that are mentioned in his indictment are of forming a house church and of spreading Christian beliefs to others. It is also claimed that he had been a Muslim and later converted to Christianity. These issues have made the case a bit more sensitive.

Of course my colleagues and I don’t believe this. I believe that he won’t be convicted of being an apostate. The very fact of being a Christian has not made the Nadarkhani case sensitive. He is not being convicted because of being a Christian. It’s not like that. As far as we know, our Christian friends and neighbors continue living in peace and are free to practice their faith inside their churches. The accusations pointed towards Nadarkhani are of gathering in a house church, preaching Christianity to Muslims and deceiving them to leave their Islamic beliefs.

However, we are trying to prove the opposite and to prove that he has not done that. And even if any preaching was done among his fellow Christians, it cannot be seen as preaching against Islam. There is also a disagreement about this among the lawyers and judges. We hope that all these disagreements will come to an end and be resolved in some way. I also hope that with the tact of the judges in this case, they will conclude it in good order so that he can go back to his family and this case will finally come to an end.

Iran: The latest update on pastor Yousef Nadarkhani’s death sentence in an interview with his attorney « Persecution News

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