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‘Do me a solid’ and free American prisoner: Dennis Rodman’s plea to Kim Jong  Un to release tour operator sentenced to 15 years hard labor


Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is tapping his  friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to ask for the release of a  Korean-American man sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in the  North.

‘I’m calling on the Supreme Leader of North  Korea or as I call him “Kim,” to do me a solid and cut Kenneth Bae loose,’  Rodman said on Twitter on Tuesday.

He said the tweet was posted as a direct  response to a Seattle Times editorial that dared him to ask Kim for the release,  if the two are really buddies.

BudsBuds: Dennis Rodman, left, has called on North Korea’s  leader Kim Jong Un, right, to release American prisoner Kenneth Bae (Mr Rodman  with Kim Jong Un in February during his visit to North Korea)


Dennis RodmanSway: Dennis Rodman, left hugging the North Korean  leader in February, referred to the dictator as ‘Kim’ in his Twitter message  asking him to release the American being held captive

Rodman visited North Korea in February and  sat next to Kim as they watched an exhibition basketball game. His trip came at  a time of high tension between Pyongyang and Washington and was not endorsed by  the U.S. State Department.

Kenneth BaeKenneth Bae, a U.S. citizen, is a tour operator who was  arrested in North Korea in November

Bae is a tour operator who was arrested in  North Korea in November.

The North’s Supreme Court sentenced him last  week for unspecified ‘hostile acts’ against the state.

In a Foreign Ministry statement on Sunday,  North Korea said the 44-year-old Washington state man entered the country with a  disguised identity.

Bae is at least the sixth American detained  in North Korea since 2009.

The others eventually were deported or  released, some after trips to Pyongyang by prominent Americans, including former  U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry rejected  speculation that it was seeking a U.S. envoy to negotiate Bae’s release, saying  he is not a political bargaining chip.

Analysts have said North Korea may be using  Bae as bait to open direct negotiations with the United States over its nuclear  arms programs.

Bae’s sentencing came during a lull after  weeks of threats of war from Pyongyang against the U.S. and South  Korea.

 The U.S. has called for the North to  immediately release Bae.

It relies on Swedish diplomats in Pyongyang  to deal with Bae’s case because the North and the U.S. have no formal diplomatic  relations after the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a truce instead of a peace  treaty.

Social MediaSocial Media: The former NBA star took to Twitter to  send an informal plea to the North Korean leader

In an op-ed piece for the Seattle paper,  dated May 3 by Thanh Tan, the author suggested Rodman try his hand at diplomacy,  given he seemed cozy with the dictator during his recent trip to the country.

‘Dennis Rodman claims to be lifelong buddies  with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Really?’ she wrote.

‘Well, perhaps now is the time for the NBA  has-been to practice some real basketball diplomacy and call up his so-called  friend for a favor: Grant American detainee Kenneth Bae amnesty and release him  to his family.’

North Korea has not described the exact  nature of Bae’s alleged crimes. Friends say Bae is a devout Christian and tour  operator based in China who traveled frequently to North Korea to feed  orphans.

Rodman said after his trip to North Korea  that he planned to return in August to vacation with Kim, a diehard basketball  fan.

By Daily Mail Reporter

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2321335/Dennis-Rodmans-plea-Kim-Jong-Un-release-tour-operator-sentenced-15-years-hard-labor.html#ixzz2SibnnSWM Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


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Education Secretary Michael Gove’s £377,000 plan to send a King James Bible to every school ‘founders over funding.Scheme is to mark the 400th anniversary of its translation.



Michael Gove said the King James Bible is 'has helped shape and define the English language'

Michael Gove said the King James Bible is ‘has helped shape and define the English language’

The Education Secretary was today forced to deny that his plan to send every school in Britain a copy of the King James Bible – at a cost of £377,000 – has run into trouble over funding.

The Prime Minister had reportedly told Michael Gove that while he supported the idea, he should avoid using taxpayers’ money, according to sources.

The paper said the Education Secretary has yet to find a private sponsor for his project, with some Whitehall sources reported as saying he has been told he cannot distribute the book until he does so.


But Mr Gove said talks were under way with a number of individuals and organisations that might ‘share some of the burden’ – but the taxpayer would underwrite the cost.

‘The taxpayer is there to underwrite the costs but we are in conversation with a number of individuals and organisations that may share some of the burden,’ he said.

Mr Gove said the Bible was the most ‘important book written in the English language’ and had major cultural and historical significance.

He said a ‘low cost’ deal had been struck with the publisher to provide the Bible – a move he described as a ‘powerful and potent’ way of highlighting the historical significance of the anniversary.

The Bibles will be sent out to more than 20,000 schools to mark the 400th anniversary of it translation.

It has been claimed thousands of copies may already have been printed and will be left in a warehouse without the funding, but Department for Education said it did not know if the copies had yet been printed, or where the copies might currently be stored.

And they said the aim was to distribute the Bibles to schools at Easter, so the timetable had not been affected by the lack of a sponsor and they would be distributed even if no sponsor is found.

 A senior education department source told the Guardian enough public money was available for the scheme to go ahead, but No 10 had merely indicated that ‘sponsorship was desirable’.

But Whitehall sources said Mr Gove was told that it would be wrong to spend nearly £400,000 on the project at a time when the government was in negotiations with teaching unions over cuts to their pensions.

Mr Gove's plan would see 20,000 schools receive a copy of the King James BibleMr Gove’s plan would see 20,000 schools receive a copy of the King James Bible

A Department for Education official said in a statement: ‘The Prime Minister was clear in his speech in December about the importance of the King James Bible, and marking this important anniversary. 

‘The Prime Minister supports the plan to send a copy to every school. We continue to seek philanthropic sponsorship.’


A King James Bible

The third official translation of the Bible into English, also known as the Authorised Version, was commissioned by the Protestant King James I in 1604.

It was completed by 54 scholars working on Hebrew and Greek manuscripts in Oxford, Cambridge and Westminster. It became the official version used by the Church of England and was spread around the world along with the British Empire.

But its popularity has also endured because of the poetry and the majesty of its language, with many of its original phrases entering popular conversation. 
Among the most famous coinages in its 66 books are ‘the powers that be’, ‘the apple of his eye’ and ‘the writing on the wall’.

Mr Gove said: ‘It‘s a thing of beauty, and it‘s also an incredibly important historical artefact. It has helped shape and define the English language and is one of the keystones of our shared culture. And it is a work that has had international significance’. 

The 400th anniversary of the publication of the Bible was in 2011.
In a speech in December, Mr Cameron celebrated the importance of the King James Bible giving three reasons for its relevance.

He said: ‘The King James Bible has bequeathed a body of language that permeates every aspect of our culture and heritage.

‘Second, just as our language and culture is steeped in the Bible, so too is our politics.

‘Third, we are a Christian country. And we should not be afraid to say so. Let me be clear: I am not in any way saying that to have another faith – or no faith – is somehow wrong.’

Government ministers have always been careful to avoid controversies surrounding religion with Tony Blair’s former communications chief Alastair Campbell famously once declaring: ‘We don’t do God’.

But Mr Gove said: ‘It’s a thing of beauty, and it’s also an incredibly important historical artefact. It has helped shape and define the English language and is one of the keystones of our shared culture. And it is a work that has had international significance’. 

When the scheme was announced the National Secular Society suggested that the Department for Education could put a message on its website and save ‘tens of thousands of pounds’.

NSS president Terry Sanderson said: ‘It’s not as if Bibles are in short supply in schools. But if Mr Gove intends to go ahead with this, will he also please ensure that a copy of On the Origin of Species is sent out on Darwin Day?

‘This book is much harder to find in schools and would be in line with his policy of promoting science and evidence-based education. I’m sure that he could write an excellent foreword to this too.’

Richy Thompson, campaigns officer at the British Humanist Association, added: ‘Either the Government is funding this initiative itself at a time when it is making severe cuts elsewhere, or the Church is finding it but using the Government as a vehicle through which to promote Christianity – both are unacceptable.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2088339/Michael-Goves-377k-plan-send-King-James-Bible-school.html#ixzz1jpEYZ3Vk


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What sort of a day are you having? Come to think about it what sort of a life are you having at present?

If you are like many people you may look at the World and say, I wish I was like him or her or I wish I had what they have, yet behind everybody there is a life going on that nobody knows about and full of what life throws at them. So are the people we want to be like really having a good time? When we look at Pop Stars, Actors, TV Presenters, 5 Minute Stars etc.… we may say they must be happy they have all they want they are surrounded by people to do their every wish and command. Look at many young people today (not all) they read and watch every move of their heroes, they believe everything they see or read about them they look up to them they even dress like them so do you really want to be like them?

Well many people would say yes but if we look behind the glamour, money and fame how many of them are really happy very few I would say………..

Who is to blame for the way many people want to live today? I believe we all are, why I hear you say, well have you ever said anything about it? Have you lifted a pen written a Blog or e-mailed your MP about what you think about the World today? You may well be one of the millions of people who want to be like them but if you are not then have you stood up and said hey I do not want to be driven by the media I do not want to hear about people with no talent, knowledge or morals. I do not want to watch people who are so skinny they are sick with so much money doing everything no matter how stupid to stay “Famous”.

So the next time you find yourself wanting to be somebody else stop and think are they really happy are they better than me……….. What sort of a day are they having?

What are people really striving for I would say happiness and health and most of all Peace. All the money in the world can not buy these things so where can we find them?

I wonder what God would say?

Here is a Good start:

Philippians 4:6-7 “Be anxious for nothing, but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

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I just wonder what God would say if he watched some of the Christian programmes that are on TV?
John: God
God: Yes John
John; I want to be rich live a long life and never be sick!
God: Why?
John: Well I was watching this programme….
God: Don’t tell me Christian TV
John: Yes God nearly all the stations preached get saved become wealthy get healed get saved and filled with the Holy Spirit then become even more wealthy get healed and saved properly.
God: Stop what did you say?
John: Which part?
John: Yes there was this Pastor or Mr PhD or Mr Deacon or Mr Minister at Large or Mr Head over all (where do they get these qualifications from?)who was saying that some people did not get healed properly from their sickness when other Christian people or Leaders laid hands on them and needed to come to him so that he could do it properly now to be fair he said it was in your name even though you had to plant a seed (money) for it usually into their ministry.
God: Am I not God
John: Yes Lord
God: Am I not God
John: Yes Lord
God: I am alpha and omega the beginning and the end without me nothing would be. Nothing is impossible for me if I say to this mountain move it will move or if I say to the sea roll back it will roll back why because I am God and above me there is no one else. I am God to be worshiped by my people whom I love with a love mankind can not understand and all I do for them is Free.
John: I know that Lord
God: Any Questions
John: No God.
God: What about my Sheep John have you fed them today?

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Christian TV

Christian TV I have been watching some Christian TV lately and have to say that it leaves me a little confused, angry and well confused. This is not to say that there is not good Christian programming but… I just wonder what God would say?

John: Hello God

 God: What are you watching?

John: Christian TV.

 God: Any good?

 John: This programme is about Christian stuff mostly in America but they are raising money to build wells inAfrica people there have no running water.

God: That is good how much?

 John: Well 15 dollars will give 3 people water for life, 30 dollars will give 20 people water for life and 1000 dollars will give a whole village running water for life plus you get a Crystal Statue.

 God: A Crystal Statue what for?

John: To put on your Dresser so that you and your friends will know you gave money to give people in poor countries water.

God: I have 15 dollars you send it for me and get me a Crystal Statue…Thanks

John: Little problem…you have to send 1000 dollars to get the Crystal Statue

 God Why?

John: Well I Suppose they are classed as better people because they give more they even call these givers by a different name special partners or something like that.

God: Only have 15 dollars send it and get me the Crystal Statue

John: Don’t think it will work.

 God: Still want the Crystal Statue

 John: Why?

God: Thought I could bring it to a Car Boot sale I could get 15 dollars (pounds) for it and then I could send it off to that programme so that 3 more people inAfrica may have running water.

 God: John

John: Yes God

God: There is a good passage in the Bible about giving come to think about it the Bible is full of good passages I especially like the one about the widow who gave all she had.

 God: John

John: Yes God

God: Have you fed my Sheep today

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I was thinking today “What is wrong with this World “ Has it got bad lately or was it always like this?I suppose if we look through History man has always been cruel and selfish there has always been fighting and wars and famine and poverty and though man would sometimes blame God “in fact man is very quick to blame God” if we stand back and look at a lot of it we are to blame not God. Many things are done in the name of religion many people have had their lives ruined and many people have died in the name of religion but I wonder has religion or God got anything to do with it at all or is it just our Greed. Is it just me or has standards slipped are we so caught up in ourselves wanting more and more in fact in the West expecting more and more demanding our rights demanding free health care better roads better shops better gadgets for making life easier more money and even though a lot of us get all this we are never satisfied we want more! I still find it hard to believe that half the World is starving and ravaged by war while we over here are worried how to dump our rubbish we have that much food in our houses and supermarkets it takes us hours to plan what we are going to eat The television screens are full of Chiefs (half of who could not boil an egg) but worst of all we make the role models of today and everybody wants to be like their favorite footballer/singer/hairdresser/chief/ most of whom(Not all) are just people with money and not at lot of talent or IQ. Everybody wants to be famous even for 10 minutes and have everything they want……….. I think there is something very seriously wrong with that.So half the world is starving/at war/divided/ruled by dictators/ there is famine/disease/distress and poverty in so many third world countries and we over here blame God. That I find very strange indeed. I wonder what God would say?

God: Hello John

 John: Hello God just writing about you

God: Good things I hope

John: now would I write anything bad about you…………

 God: what are you writing about?

John: how the world blames you for everything bad

 God: oh!

 John: now don’t let on you do not know this……..

God: why blame me?

 John: well you sort of are in control of everything……..

 John: God?

God: Hello John

John: did you not hear me?

 God: Yes I can hear very well

 John: well………………….

God: thought you were going to tell me about the pastor in America who wants his own airplane said you were going to blog about it……..

 John: don’t change the subject please

 God: do you really want to know do I really have to tell you

John: Please God

God: Man blames me for a lot of things in fact lots of people blame me for nearly everything bad but you know in the beginning everything was good until man thought he knew better and he still does think that. I still love mankind and am here to forgive him I gave my son you know that hurt me a lot but it was the only way to save mankind…….lots of people have no time for my son Jesus. I also have promised my people this and still many just laugh at me………… Revelation, chapter 21 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.2: And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband;3: and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling of God is with men”. He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself will be with them;4: he will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away.”5: And he who sat upon the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” Also he said, “Write this, for these words are trustworthy and true.”6: And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment.7: He who conquers shall have this heritage, and I will be his God and he shall be my son.

 John: Wow…………….

 God: That is only a small part of it

 God: Ps How are my sheep?

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I am starting a new Blog today to express my very tiny thoughts about life here on earth and what I think about it and the people who live in it.

I hope you will join with me in the journey and have your say along the way…..

All being well I will see you later…….

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